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Have you already gained technology expertise and are interested in expanding your expertise to the legal side?

You might not have considered a career in the patent industry yet, but it offers an exciting combination of technological and legal challenge for those interested. Many people have ended up in the patent field by chance, got excited by the challenge and fascination of our work and have gone on to form rewarding, decades-spanning, careers.

While considering whether to apply for this position, it is important to identify whether the unique features of our field and this position motivate you. This is where we can help you. Let’s talk and find out if this position could be the right step for the beginning of your new career.

What is it all about?

A key part of a patent agent’s job is to acquire patents for clients. As a patent agent, you help our clients to identify and protect their inventions. You compare and analyze technological solutions and use your expertise to sell your arguments to the patent authorities. In addition to this, you advise and represent our clients in patent-related problems.

At Espatent, you will be responsible for several patent applications at the same time. You handle the official proceedings of pending patent applications and ensure that the necessary matters are handled within the deadline. Our team will help you here and your work is guided by our well-defined processes.

As your experience accumulates, there will be hundreds of parallel tasks that you participate in. The length of an individual task varies from days to weeks or several months, and they progress step by step, working together with the client and the team. In total, obtaining a granted patent often takes years.

Your step into the field of continuous learning

As said – our work combines technology and law. Our work is challenging and requires continuous learning – it repeatedly takes us to new frontiers both in terms of technology and the application of patent law.

As for your learning path with us, in your first years, you will work under our supervision. You will receive individual tasks, the implementation of which you have independent responsibility. You will be mentored by an experienced patent agent, and you will also have access to external training right from the start.

As your skills accumulate, your independence increases and the responsibility in work tasks increases. Here we listen to you. We won’t put an unreasonable burden on your shoulders, but on the other hand, we won’t frustrate you by leaving you completely unchallenged.

We are committed to ensuring that with us you will learn and adopt the characteristic features of our field and the prerequisites for success in your work. Training for the work and our mentoring takes approximately 3-5 years. There will be training during working hours, but the professional qualifications you achieve will require preparation for them in your own time as well – of course, you will learn the most by doing this work. While you are with us, you will pass the US patent bar within the first two years. Later you may have the possibility to qualify as a Finnish patent attorney and as a European patent attorney.

Why should you consider this position?

– We are committed to training you and ensuring your success. We want you to succeed and grow into a rock-solid expert in our field. It requires work, but with our help you will definitely be able to do it.
– With us, you can get to know the technological innovations of both promising startups and large listed companies. Our wide client base is definitely one of the riches of our work.
– In this job, you don’t stand still. The work certainly challenges and offers variety. Of course, there are routines in our work, but the days don’t really repeat each other.
– You will work in a stable company. We excel at what we do. We have successfully both obtained good patents for our clients and defended our clients’ rights in disputes.
– With us you will succeed. And this will be reflected in your compensation. The salary of a starting patent agent trainee is in the range of 4,000 euros and there is a steady increase in the salary as you prove your skills.
– Over time, our employees will also have the opportunity to become shareholders.
– We are a well-known player in our field – not the biggest and prettiest, but certainly uncomplicated and skilled. We treat all our employees equally and we will continue to stick to this. We are a very humane work community, where you have colleagues who care about you as co-workers.

You don’t need to have all the required skills yet

In this position, it is important that you have the ability to understand and discuss inventions in different technology areas. A formal qualification, for example a DI or a master’s degree in natural sciences, is a prerequisite for technical competence. You can be an expert who has just graduated but has already accumulated some work experience. You may have gained valuable experience from research tasks, for example. Due to United States Patent and Trademark Office requirements, US citizenship is mandatory for this position.

Does someone think you are a pedant, a comma checker? Awesome – sounds like you might have a step up on the competition. If you have the ability to look at things analytically and objectively. You are meticulous, you pay attention to details and take on things boldly. You prioritize your work skillfully and you have not found deadlines problematic when working or studying, you may already have the base skills needed for success in this field.

Our work also requires you to be willing to learn and embrace new things. You dare to ask and question, but also bring out your own point of view. On the other hand – you don’t shy away from challenging yourself.

In this job, you will need precise oral and written expression skills. After all, we write a lot, and our writing requires accuracy.

What do you think? Would you be interested in learning more about the work of a patent agent?

If you are interested in this position and our field, it would be great to hear more from you. The search is ongoing; don’t hesitate to reach out to us as soon as possible.

For additional information you can contact Tapio Hänninen via phone +358 40 835 8920. If you are interested, you can send your CV to

This position is located in Finland. The start date of the employment relationship can be agreed flexibly.

This recruitment process is organized in collaboration between Espatent Oy and Talent Hunters.

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